Call for Papers – Inaugural Issue of Engaged Scholar Journal on “Building Engaged Scholarship in Canada”

Posted:June 5, 2014

The University of Saskatchewan has founded the first Canadian peer-reviewed scholarly Journal on community-university engagement and scholarship. The Journal’s Advisory Committee and Editorial Team are announcing the call for papers for the inaugural issue of the Journal on the topic, Building Engaged Scholarship in Canada:

The Journal invites contributions from community and university based researchers, teachers, and scholars that explore or profile the history, the development and social applications of engaged scholarship in Canada. Engaged scholarship most commonly refers to a range of collaborative research, teaching, and learning initiatives rooted in sustained community-university partnerships and pursued across various disciplines and social and cultural contexts. The inaugural issue aims to profile the best practices of community engagement as pursued by Canadian researchers at home and elsewhere, from historical and disciplinary perspectives.

Submissions are being sought for various sections of the Journal’s inaugural issue:

  • essays examining the history of the engaged scholarship movement in Canada in general, or in a particular discipline specifically
  • essays exploring the meaning and process, theory and practice of engagement in a given discipline or across disciplines
  • essays focusing in depth on the collaborative nature of specific partnerships and projects
  • reports from the field on ongoing initiatives
  • book reviews
  • conference reports
  • other submissions, also in various media (audio, text, visual)

The topics will include:

  • the history of scholarly engagement in Canada
  • the philosophical and cultural foundations of engaged scholarship in the Canadian context
  • the joys and challenges of collaborative participatory work
  • engaged scholarship, public health, and the co-production of knowledge
  • engaging cross-culturally and what it means
  • community service learning and scholarship of engagement
  • teaching and engagement, shared paths and intersections
  • researching in partnership: the benefits of collaboration

 Deadline for proposals: August 31, 2014

For further details, format of the journal, submissions guidelines, please visit


(Please note there is also a call for papers for a special issue on the theme Quality of Life: Towards Sustainable Community Futures, also with an Aug 31 deadline:

The challenge of tenure and promotion procedures should not be permitted to unduly limit the growth of the movement for community-university engagement in Canada. A dialogue for action on this issue should be launched and sustained until this obstacle is permanently removed.*