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Posted:January 31, 2014

Silka, L., Glover, R., Hutchins, K., Lindenfield, L., Blackstone, A., Elliot, C., … Sullivan, C. (2013). Moving Beyond the Single Discipline: Building a Scholarship of Engagement that Permeates Higher Education. Tamara: Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry11(4), 41–52.

Silka et al. highlight the challenges and opportunities they encountered during the University of Maine’s Sustainability Solutions Initiative (SSI). Community engagement and interdisciplinarity are both fundamental, they argue, to finding solutions to complex and multi-layered issues. However, engaging across disciplines and with communities is no easy task; among challenges faced, the authors note differences in definitions of stakeholders and solutions, seemingly incommensurable world views, and differences in method. In order to overcome these potential obstacles, Silka et al. propose a collaborative and open-minded stance that allows the heterogeneity of approaches to work for, rather than against, interdisciplinary and community-engaged collaborations.

See Zotero library resource at https://www.zotero.org/groups/ces_partnership_resources/items/collectionKey/SEVQQ786/itemKey/Z7KQ58TK

The challenge of tenure and promotion procedures should not be permitted to unduly limit the growth of the movement for community-university engagement in Canada. A dialogue for action on this issue should be launched and sustained until this obstacle is permanently removed.*