Community Engaged Scholarship Literature Database and Instructions

Posted:June 7, 2013

CES Database

The Scholar Development Workgroup of the CES partnership collected these resources.

CES Zotero Library

Rather than a complete systematic review, this collection is a starting point, capturing references to community engaged scholarship, service learning, and community-university partnership, identified as relevant and important by the workgroup.

Zotero Instructions

Why Zotero?

Zotero is free and accessible to everyone.  The Zotero CES database is a closed public library, meaning that anyone can view and access resources, but only members can add new ones.

All resources listed on the CES database are linked either to the resource itself or a website where you can purchase the resource.

If you are affiliated with a university or college you may have access to many of these resources by logging into your institution’s library with your username and password before beginning your search.

Navigating the Zotero library

There are many options for how you view the CES Partnership resources.  Zotero allows you to click on any of the library headings in order to alphabetically or numerically change your view from ascending to descending order.

For example, clicking on the “Creator” heading will reorganize the database, listing authors in ascending alphabetical order.

Zotero also allows you to change how you view the resources in the CES library.  By clicking on the library settings icon, located on the far right of your screen, you can control how you view resources, selecting or deselecting the information you want to see, such as publisher, date, and type.

Tags are a very handy feature of the CES Partnership library as they allow you to simply click on the “tag” or key word you are interested in and every article that has been tagged with that key word will be brought up to view.  All tags in the database are located on the left hand side of the screen.

For example, by clicking “Case studies” only articles that have been tagged with this label will appear on your screen.  When a tag is actively modifying your search is appears at the top of the tag list in yellow.  To go back to the full library, all you need to

do is click the tag or tags highlighted in yellow.  This ends the search and takes you back to the full library.

Of course, there is also a search engine located at the top left of the CES library that can be used to quickly find an article or author.

Looking for the newest additions to the CES Partnership Library?

If you would like to view the latest resources added to the library, please go to or click on the CES Partnership Resources at the top left of the CES Partnership Library.

Exporting Files

You can export citations from the CES library by clicking on the resource you are interested in.  Once within this resource, click onthe “export” icon, located at the top right of your screen, and choose the form you would like the citation to be exported in.  You may need to experiment with which format you prefer.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about Zotero and view on-line tutorials go to:

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The challenge of tenure and promotion procedures should not be permitted to unduly limit the growth of the movement for community-university engagement in Canada. A dialogue for action on this issue should be launched and sustained until this obstacle is permanently removed.*